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Learn about the updates of the current progress of our Aruba real estate development, Harbour House Aruba.

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February 13 2020

2020 has brought new progress at Harbour House Aruba:


December 06 2019

Discover the best beaches in Aruba with Harbour House:

November 22 2019

Harbour House Aruba’s Top 5 Best Pictures from Aruba:

November 19 2019

Check out the progress of Harbour House Aruba – November 2019

November 06 2019

Caribbean Perks: Investing in Aruba:

October 25 2019

Enjoy Aruba’s Carnival all year long with Harbour House:

October 25 2019

We’re almost ready to make your dreams come true!

October 11 2019

Experience the Island Take Over while enjoying the natural wonders of Aruba – October 1st

October 11 2019

Best place to visit when living at Harbour House Aruba:

September 20 2019

Take a look at how our infinity pool is taking shape

August 21 2019

The pool construction has begun!

June 17 2019

Harbour House Aruba looks better every day!

April 16 2019

The work on Harbour House Aruba is well underway!

Feb 27 2019

Eagle Beach: 3rd best beach in the world

Feb 17 2019

One step closer to living in Oranjestad at Harbour House Aruba

Feb 1 2019

Building your future in Aruba with Harbour House Aruba