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Jun 26 2020


Your new house in Aruba: Take a look at the progress made so far


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Your new house in Aruba will welcome you next fall!


Since May 28, Aruba has consistently had 0 active cases of Covid-19. That’s a good reason to be happy and celebrate, but that’s not all! Government authorities announced the island will reopen to international tourists, which is amazing news! As of July 1, airlines will reopen their flights from Europe, The Caribbean, Canada, and on July 10, from the USA.

There’s more good news too: we’re getting closer to the grand opening of our residential complex, Harbour House Aruba. After years of hard work and the last few challenging months, the Aruban lifestyle dream will become a reality for many of you, and we’re pleased to announce we’re Opening Next Fall. Your new home will be ready for you and your loved ones to enjoy beautiful moments together. We’re so proud to have built your dream home.

Progress of your house in Aruba


We want to welcome you to your new house in Aruba. Check out all the progress we’ve made in the apartment and amenities during the last two months:

  • They say that the kitchen is the heart of a home. We’ve installed the kitchen for you to prepare the most delicious dishes. Bon appetit!
  • The installation of the bathrooms was also successfully complete.
  • What would life be like without color? We’ve applied the first coat of paint to all apartments.
  • If you’re excited to go exploring, you’ll be glad to know that the corridors of the complex are 100% ready.
  • It’s always summer in Aruba, so we can proudly inform you that our swimming pool is ready for you. Prepare to bask in the sun and get a perfect tan! Just don’t forget your sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Once you get to Harbour House Aruba, you’ll marvel at its impressive lobby, which is 80% complete now. Our team keeps working hard to ensure it’s completed soon.
  • Do you like to keep fit? All the equipment you need for your exercise routine is already in the residences, so let’s work out!

You still have time to buy real estate in Aruba!


Get ready to invest in real estate in Aruba! At our complex, we have apartments of 3 and 4 bedrooms still available for you and your family. Take advantage and live unique and memorable moments with your loved ones.

So, pack your bags! Harbour House Aruba is the perfect place to make your dreams come true. Take a look at the floorplans, your new home is a click away from you. Contact us today!