Learn about the current progress of our Aruba real estate development, Harbour House Aruba.

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Your new home awaits you!

Your home in Aruba, recent progress – Harbour House

Harbour House Aruba is progressing at a steady pace! We’re working full blast to provide you and your family with your dream home in the Caribbean.
Soon, you’ll enjoy the finest experiences in your new apartment in Aruba since we have made significant progress in the complex. Keep reading to learn more!

General progress

Our team at Harbour House Aruba keeps working hard to get your new home ready for your enjoyment. We are making lots of progress in the exterior walls and facades. Also, the internet and phone installations are almost ready for you to make your apartment into a perfect home office.

You’ll soon enjoy Oranjestad’s incredible views in all their splendor right from your windows since our team is finishing glass and aluminum installations. Last but not least, painting, plumbing, and waterproofing are coming along nicely.