Learn about the current progress of our Aruba real estate development, Harbour House Aruba.

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Feb 17 2019

One step closer to live in Harbour House Aruba

We are working on your dream home! Right now, we’re working on the 3rd floor of Harbour House Aruba with the installation of the balcony and condominium floor tiles.

The east facade of this Caribbean treasure is now in preliminary paint and repairs, as well as the curtain wall and siding door installation on inner facades were fixed. The luxuries of your new home will start from small experiences and details. That’s why we’re working on the installation of awning windows on fixed curtain walls on inner facades.

One floor at a time: The 3rd floor already enjoys an electrical pipe and wire installation. Meanwhile, the 7th floor is already waterproof, and its steel structure was modified. Oranjestad’s luxurious life is in progress with the roof modification for gym and penthouse on 7th-floor.

It will soon stop being just a dream. The south and north façades are on its way, and so is your spectacular life in Harbour House Aruba.