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Enjoy Aruba’s Carnival all year long with Harbour House


Enjoy amazing Aruba’s Carnival! This beautiful place is known for being the island of happiness, a place where living life to the fullest and enjoying memorable experiences is part of everyday life. At Harbour House Aruba, we describe Aruba’s Carnival with three single words: joy, colors, and music. You’ll agree with us that Aruba has those three elements all year long.

Aruba’s Carnival is more than a regular season. Carnival is the commemoration of the very life itself, a festivity that is part of the history and culture of the island. People leave their everyday lives behind and celebrate together their proud Caribbean heritage. That’s why the joy of Carnival is always present throughout all the months of the year.

If you’ve ever been in Aruba during Carnival, you’ve witnessed all the magic and fun that characterizes this celebration. The good news is that this is not one-in-a-year experience: you can enjoy a sort of mini Carnival every week in the streets of San Nicolas.

A happy celebration at San Nicolas every week


You don’t have to visit Aruba during the Carnival season to live its magic and joy. Every Thursday, San Nicolas wears its best colors for two hours to recreate the most important party of the happiest island in the Caribbean

The Aruba Tourism Authority offers transportation to locals and visitors from different points of Oranjestad to join this celebration. When you live at Harbour House Aruba, you’ll enjoy so close this magnificent spectacle, plenty of delicious traditional food, beautiful handicrafts, dances, music, and contests.

If you love Carnival just like we do, you’ll want to be a part of the magic and happiness that Aruba displays every week. Dance and enjoy memorable moments within walking distance of Oranjestad, the heart of the island.

At Harbour House Aruba, we’ll be your perfect adventure companion. We’ll take you to the most exciting activities and impressive festivities in Aruba. You’ll never miss one of the magical moments that the island has to offer, where creativity, freedom, and happiness are the common feeling of people. 

For this and other reasons, falling in love with the One Happy Island is so easy for our visitors. The most delicious flavors and a unique lifestyle in the Caribbean awaits you to make your stay comfy and pleasant. Aruba is Carnival! Join the magic and be a part of this paradise on Earth.