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Dec 06 2019


Discover the best beaches in Aruba with Harbour House


Aruba is known as a Caribbean paradise, a place where your dreams come true. Waking up every morning surrounded by the stunning ocean views and enjoying the warm and pristine waters is a privilege reserved for those lucky ones that have ever visited the island. 

On more than one occasion, Aruba’s beaches have been included in the rankings of the best beaches in the Caribbean and the entire world. The bright sun all year long is a real plus for those who want to visit the island at any moment of the year to live the unique experiences that only Aruba can offer. 

Once you set foot on Aruba, you’ll marvel at all the activities and natural beauties that the island has at your disposal. After that, you’ll start wondering where to start touring the island. At Harbour House Aruba, we want to help you take your decision. So, take a look at all its beaches and select that one to spend memorable moments with your family and friends.

A way of pristine waters in Aruba


Eagle Beach

HH Beach


The third best beach in the world steals the hearts of locals and visitors, and for that reason, Eagle Beach is at the top of our list of best beaches in Aruba. Its white sands, shallow waters, and a relaxed ambiance position this beach as the favorite one of many people to have a good time with family. Living at Harbor House Aruba is leaving within walking distance of your favorite beaches.

Baby Beach

HH Beach


As its name suggests, this is the perfect beach for little kids, and for those who want to relax in calm waters. Also, this is one of the two beaches that have a zone reserved for nudists. Baby Beach is located at San Nicolas, a few kilometers away from Harbour House Aruba.

Palm Beach

Harbour House Beach


Among the lush palm trees, exciting casinos, and the best places to practice adventure sports, you’ll also find the tranquility and peace of the island, which also means that without a doubt that is one of the best beaches you can visit in Aruba. 

Palm Beach delights swimmers and divers with its calm as well as fast waves. Everybody dreams of spending a day or night in its beautiful landscapes. A walk along the beach looking at the sunset or a night party in the seashore, all is possible at Palm Beach and Harbour House Aruba. Let your dreams come true!

Fisherman’s Huts

HH Beach


For as long as anyone can remember, Fisherman’s Huts is the beach preferred by fishermen due to its gentle wind and waves. Today, people interested in learning or enjoying windsurfing and kiteboarding find a place on this beautiful beach. Also, Fisherman’s Huts is home to different worldwide sports events. When you live at Harbour House Aruba, you’ll be minutes away from this paradise of soft sands.

Once you spend a day in any of Aruba’s beaches, you won’t want to leave the island. You’ll agree with us that the One Happy Island has the best beaches in the Caribbean. Remember, that Harbour House Aruba is located in the heart of Oranjestad, and you’ll be so close to any of these paradisiacal destinations of turquoise waters.