Learn about the current progress of our Aruba real estate development, Harbour House Aruba.

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Nov 19 2019

Check out the progress of Harbour House Aruba

Harbour House Aruba advances day by day. This time tiles are the stars since they have been placed in bathrooms, rooms, lobby, and sun deck. So, sooner than you think, you’ll be able to move to your second home to enjoy the happiest island in the Caribbean.

We have been working on placing high-quality and luxurious tiles in all the private spaces of our complex. Also, the public areas had their tiles, like those with a direct view to the cruises at the Marina of Oranjestad. Our team did their best so that this process took the least amount of time possible without sacrificing perfectionism and attention to detail.

We care about you, and we want to provide you with unique experiences at Harbour House Aruba. That’s why we’ve selected, together with expert interior designers, the highest quality and durable materials to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere for your enjoyment in our luxurious complex.

Soon, you’ll live the most memorable moments of your life in our spaces surrounded by luxurious and high-quality finishes that characterize our work. Contact us if you haven’t done so and live the Caribbean life you so crave and deserve.n.