Learn about the current progress of our Aruba real estate development, Harbour House Aruba.

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A new home where the best
beaches in the world are!

Imagine living within walking distance of the best beaches in the world! With Harbour House Aruba, you can make it a reality! This paradise has endless possibilities for you, and we want you to explore them all: Sunset Beach, which is very, very close to Harbour House, Arashi, Rodgers or Baby Beach. For the adventurous, Andicuri and Dos Playa are amazing hidden gems to discover. 
Our luxury condos are already finished, and we want you to know about all the amazing things awaiting you in Aruba, like a successful workation program, our tourism sustainable options, and more. Let’s start!

Your workplace
by the beach

In the last update, we talked about the workation program: an option to work toward your goals and enjoy a vacation at the same time. Aruba allows you to stay for up to three months without a residency permit. The best part is that you can run your business from your Caribbean beachfront home or from the warm, soft sand of Aruba’s best beaches. With a view of the pristine clear ocean and a cocktail in hand, those stressful days at work become much less bothersome -and even enjoyable-.

And, guess what? After many requests by owners on workation, developers decided to assign the area next to Artisan as a Co-Working Space. Both owners and guests can privately go about their work and hold meetings in a co-working environment with office facilities and exclusive services.


While staying at Harbour, delight your palate with the delicious flavors of the island and the amazing international cuisine.

Lima Bistro will open its doors in mid-May 2021, and is a chef-driven restaurant by Iron Chef Teddy Bouroncle. It is haute cuisine at its best. Teddy will also be running the lobby/pool coffee bar, Artisan… Coffee and More, with a lighter, healthier menu and great cocktails.

An agreement where
everyone’s happy

We have some good news for Harbour House lovers!

After months of negotiations, Pounds Investment & Developments, fisherpeople at Waf’i Rancho, Stichting Rancho, and Aruba Ports Authority agreed on a beautification project around Paardenbaai

As part of the agreement, the Harbourwalk will be made into a promenade for pedestrian use only, except for the vehicles needed for fisherpeople to transport their goods. Poundwise will also build facilities for fisherpeople with water and electricity. 

  The agreement also includes the beautification of the Paardenbaai project that perfectly fits the vision of revitalizing Oranjestad to make the area the main attraction for tourists and locals alike. 

Even better, the Harbourwalk will generate more than 100 direct jobs and stimulate 100% commerce in the zone, contributing to the growth of Aruba’s economy. Take a look at the following infographic.

A sustainable destination

More than 90% of Aruba’s income is related to tourism, while Aruba is a small island. This is why, for 2021, the Government of Aruba is offering its visitors more responsible tourism options and promoting outdoor activities, so we all can continue to enjoy the island while protecting the natural beauty of this place we call home.

Travel+Leisure rewarded this initiative with a mention on a list of destinations developing sustainable tourism solutions; learn more about it by clicking here.

Ready to start living the
life of your dreams?

Harbour House Aruba is an incredible place to live in the Caribbean; 80% of our condos have already been sold! So, don’t think twice about living in a new home with a beautiful ambiance that’ll allow you to relax while making unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Harbour House is your best choice to live in Aruba. Our complex boasts a state-of-the-art lobby with a top-tech fitness center overlooking the ocean and the world-renowned and beautiful Oranjestad Marina. We also provide 24-hour security service for your safety and comfort. And don’t forget, you’ll be able to unwind after a hard day’s work in one of our relaxing rooftop jacuzzis if you please.

Hurry up and get ready to experience luxury and exclusivity in our brand-new real estate development. Contact us and make your dreams of living in the Caribbean a reality. Harbour House Aruba eagerly awaits you!